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Ayurvedic Treatment

- Ayurvedic Treatment -


- Beauty -

Got a special event to attend? Headed to the beach, guys? This treatment is a must. We deeply cleanse and soften the skin on your back, and remove blackheads and blemishes. Before you put thereon low-cut dress or those swim trunks, let us create any unwanted marks diminish, so you look nice and feel completely assured.

Body Scrub

- Body Scrub -

A body exfoliation is a treatment that offers deep hydration as it exfoliates away dead skin cells. 
Your skin is left smooth and soft with results lasting a long time.


- Facials -

Reverse the signs of aging that result from exposure to everyday environmental factors such as sunlight, smog, pollution and stress with this antioxidant made treatment. With Goldan Spa & Body Massage's facial, clean up and bleaching make your skin glow out. let the world skills beautiful ar you.

Feet Treatment

- Feet Treatment -

Make your feet look more beautiful today. Choose from wide range of pedicures at The pedicure treatments available at Goldan Spa & Body Massage salon and wellness make it easy to have healthy, shiny nails that are a joy to behold.

Foot Massage

- Foot Massage -

Tired of day to day activities, back pain, join pain?? get ride off all the pains with our body massage. that Thai foot massage specially for part of body which never says no.

Full Body Massages

- Full Body Massages -

We encourage you to experience Goldan Spa & Body Massage’s massage therapy for delighted relaxation and overall improvement in physical health. Increasingly, massage therapy is being added to many physician-prescribed regiments as an antidote to the symptoms of stress.

Hair Zone

- Hair Zone -

Hands Treatment

- Hands Treatment -

We will carefully tailor your manicure to complete your look, whether you wish to give your nails an all-natural, healthy glow, turn them into full-on blood-red talons, or achieve a result somewhere in between.

Head / Neck / Shoulder / Back Massages

- Head / Neck / Shoulder / Back Massages -

Honeymoon Package (For Couple)

- Honeymoon Package (For Couple) -

Price : Rs. 9000

Exclusive for Her/Him: Choice of Scrub 30 mins, Choice of Massage 60 mins, Choice of Facial 60 mins, Choice of Pedicure 60 mins, Steam, Shower & Jacuzzi 30 mins.


- Make-up -

Spa Packages

- Spa Packages -

Exclusive For Her/Him : Choice of Scrub 30 mins, Choice of Massage 60 mins, Choice of Facial 60 mins.

Goldan Spa & Body Massage Signature Treatments

- Goldan Spa & Body Massage Signature Treatments -